The above photos are from recent kitchen projects in various stages of completion.


 Measuring & Design services

Initial visit for onsite consultation and estimate is no charge. Once you decide to retain my services, you will be charged a one-time fee of $225.00 prior to ordering your cabinetry. But initial consultation and estimate are completely free of charge and includes services described below:

This includes:

On site measuring of your kitchen

Multiple designs, until you have one that's right for you! No extra charge for redesigns!

On site double check of design to your walls to ensure a perfect fit. Often, when a kitchen is totally gutted, the dimensions are sometimes different- we want to make sure that everything will fit perfectly!

If needed, I can plot out your design on the walls before installation so that your plumber/electrician can plan out for lighting, water lines etc., no extra charge

Processing of order- you'll be able to complete your purchase right over the phone.

This fee is fully creditable towards your IKEA Kitchen Assembly and Installation package. It is non refundable and may not be applied towards installation of any brand other than IKEA.

Contractors and Home Builders:

We are hired by homeowners directly to assemble and install their new IKEA kitchen while a general contractor may be handling the demo work, flooring etc. In such cases we will try to accommodate your construction schedule and will reach out in advance to get an idea of your timeline. We also take special care to protect new floors and walls from damage. We also take all the IKEA boxes with us, leaving space in your dumpster. We clean our work area at the end of each day.


A word about Quality:

IKEA cabinets are manufactured to very precise standards. Parts fit together perfectly and cabinets are very strong when assembled properly. Drawers are steel boxes, and are well made with excellent materials. Doors and drawers both get soft closers. These cabinets will easily handle the weight of granite or quartz. IKEA offers a long term guarantee on all kitchen cabinet products. IKEA is a great modern look with a price and guarantee you can't beat. If you want a sleek, modern look- you've come to the right place!

How long will it take?

The typical kitchen assembly and installation may take from 3-10 days to complete, depending on size. My primary goal when starting your kitchen is to get it ready for your countertop fabricator to come out and template, followed by doors and drawers. I want to get your new kitchen up and running as soon as possible. Doors for custom modified cabinets may take longer for fabrication.

What needs to happen before my new IKEA kitchen is installed?

You should have removed your old kitchen cabinets and have any drywall work mudded and sanded. If I am doing your design I can meet your contractor and/or plumber and electrician to show exactly where cabinets will be so they can plan for lighting etc.

Kitchen Design Assistance

We provide kitchen measuring and design services for Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus, DC and all points in between with no additional charge for distance.

30-day alignment check included with all installed kitchens

Included with my service is a free door and drawer alignment check, which ensures that everything is aligned and working properly. I also use this appointment to check upper and lower cabinet mounting for safety and security.

Cardboard and packaging removal included with every kitchen assembly & install package

We will remove all IKEA cardboard and packaging materials and dispose of it for you, now included with every kitchen assembly and installation agreement.

What if I need more cover panels or want to add a cabinet?

We include trips to IKEA to replace any damaged or missing components needed to complete your kitchen with every kitchen assembly and installation agreement. A new kitchen has a lot of pieces- If something is missing or damaged- we got it covered! IKEA Pittsburgh has been great to work with and easily handles such issues.

What if problems turn up?

The only problems I have encountered with IKEA is the occasional missing hardware. For one client, one of the cabinets was shipped out the wrong color. Of course, it was not a big deal, simply a matter of returning the box to IKEA and exchanging it. IKEA, as mentioned before, goes out of their way to make sure you get missing parts fast. Having installed other brands of cabinets, I can say that IKEA has the best response time.


Having issues installing them yourself?

For a nominal service charge we can change and correct typical mistakes people make in installing their IKEA kitchens.



Please be sure to open and inspect all appliances and sinks upon delivery.

I was at a home in Cleveland checking measurements on a sink that a client purchased. I needed to see if I would need to modify the cabinet to accommodate the sink, which had been delivered a few weeks ago. We opened the box together and the porcelain was badly damaged. It was very poorly packaged. Although a replacement is being sent, it adds up to more time without the ability to wash dishes. (Not such a bad thing for some of us!)

Another family this week in Pittsburgh had purchased stainless steel appliances. We went to set the dishwasher when we saw a big dent in front of dishwasher. Stainless steel dents easily and is much more noticeable then other materials. These panels are usually pretty thin too. So, be sure to check your appliances and sinks upon delivery to prevent unnecessary delays to your project!

Cabinet Modifications...

Do you need a cabinet cut down and modified to accommodate your new kitchen? I can help! Let me know what you need


Always use a new gas line when hooking up your stove, whether you are reinstalling your old stove or hooking up a new one.

Always use stainless steel water lines for your dishwasher and ice maker in your refrigerator. Plastic and copper tubing have a tend to leak over time.


I do not perform plumbing or move wall outlets to accommodate appliances. For your family's safety- hire only licensed plumbers and electricians for such work. There's a reason they need to take a test to get their license- it's to ensure the safety of your family. I had just finished installing a new IKEA kitchen when one morning I went back to install some drawer pulls, and the cabinets were covered with water due to faulty work done in an upstairs bathroom by someone who should be banned for life from Home Depot or any hardware store...If you ever have a question regarding plumbing or electrical work, contact your municipal building department. If using a general contractor, ask for only licensed plumbers and electricians.


Services not provided for homes where cannabis is in use regardless of circumstance.