We offer a complete range of services:


Store pick up, delivery and assembly package:

You can place your order and pay for it right over the phone without having to drive to the closest IKEA store! Please call for more information. 


Pick up of your order at IKEA Pittsburgh

Delivery to your home

Assembly and placement of your order

Thorough clean up

Removal and disposal of all IKEA cardboard and packaging materials

In the event that a piece is found to be damaged while assembling, we will return it to IKEA Pittsburgh and exchange it-promptly!. You won't have to make multiple phone calls to IKEA, waiting for someone to call you back... we know you want it now!


                                           This package is our BEST value!


Contact us for a quote. All that's needed is a list of items you wish to purchase. You can forward a copy of your IKEA shopping list to me via email:

ikeatech@gmail.com  or call (614)483-7110 for more information.


Professional assembly without the hassle! Estimates are no charge!



Pick up and delivery only

Have your furniture or cabinetry order picked up and delivered to your home. Service includes:


Pick up of your order from store of purchase

Delivery to your home

Each piece carried in to the room where you need it (Inside delivery)

Assembly advice always free!


Your order is FULLY INSURED while in our care, whether in transit or storage. We also pick up orders from Home Depot, Lowe's, and other big box retailers!